How we work


At first we will receive your enquiry by email or by phone. One of our experienced sales executives will take notes of your wishes and ideas. As of now we do have an even more sophisticated solution! You can create your own custom inflatable yourself at our inflatable-designs platform. Just click HERE to get started.

Of course we encourage all of our international clients to visit us so we can develop your ideas together into an incredible inflatable.


Second, we will send the general idea to our design department where we will make an initial design using special 3D software. After receipt of the initial design the client has to possibility to make adjustments id needed. Our designers will keep adjusting the 3D design until the client is 100% satisfied with the result. If you prefer to do this yourself we have the ideal solution for you: our propriotary design platform where anybody can create the most amazing designs in 3D: Start HERE!


Only after the explicit confirmation of the client will we start manufacturing the bespoke inflatables.

The lead time in our company is normally 2-3 weeks depending on the difficulty of the project.

During the whole manufacturing process we maintain close watch on the inflatable ‘birth’ so that we can be 100% sure that the client will be satisfied with the final product; a perfect custom inflatable.