ADO The Hague

For the soccer club ADO the Hague, playing on the highest level in the Dutch Eredivisie, we have developed a range of inflatable games. These custom soccer inflatables are produced in the clubs colors and of course all have the logo of the club on them.

At first JB-Airdesign proposed a series of designs, taken in consideration the wishes of the board of ADO the Hague. After their confirmation we have than manufactured an obstacle course, bouncy castle, inflatable soccer field with 4 goals, a speed cage and an inflatable climb mountain. Of course every single one of these items was branded with club-logo and colors of the club.

With this range of branded inflatables the soccer club from The Hague can outperform the competition both on and of the soccer fields!

Should you be interested in developing a similar range of inflatable games for your sport club, company or youth center as well, do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to propose and develop any range of custom inflatables that would suit your specific needs!

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