23 Apr 2013

Biggest inflatable bouncy castle in the world!

The world's biggest bouncy castle

We have developed and manufactured the world’s biggest bouncy castle!

This amazingly large bouncy castle offers a lot of different play elements, and has multiple detailed theming, such as Seaworld, Pirates and Jungle theme.There are several slides, mountain climbs and obstacle courses integrated in this massive bouncy castle.

The dimensions are ca. 40 x 20 Meters, making it the world’s biggest bouncy castle! It has a weight of over 3.500 kgs, and just the stitching of
this incredible inflatable playground took more than 4 weeks, even though it was done by 40 skilled craftsmen and – women.

Enormous bouncy castles like these are perfect for use in a FEC or outdoor park. It can even be used as a themepark by itselve, due to it huge dimensions and fantastic theming.

Of course we can create any (given size) inflatable playground for you, offering any theming or branding.

Are you intersted in your own XXL bouncy castle, do not hesitate to contact us so we can develop the (biggest) bouncy castle of your dreams!

See the video below for a nice impression: