13 May 2013

BOB campaign

For the dutch government we have created these bespoke soccer goals. They are part of an anti ‘drink-and-drive’ campaign from the dutch department of health and safety.

This year the government officials wanted to target local soccer clubs since there is a lot of alcohol consuming there, especially during the weekends.

That’s why we came up with the custom made inflatable goals as a user friendly tool to help informing people about the risks of drinking and driving when leaving the local footbal- or soccer club.

The volunteers and officials of the BOB comité, are trying to raise awereness among youth and adults for the risks involving drinking and driving.

The silverlining is of course this: do not drink and drive at all, and keep you, your fellow passengers and your surroundings safe at all time!

Every single competitor that can score points by shooting at the inflatable goals will get a BOB keychain as a constant reminder of the importance of this matter.

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