Industrial use

Besides advertising inflatables and inflatables for the leisure industry, we also develop numerous inflatable products for industrial use, so called industrial solutions.

Inflatables often offer a solution for complicated problems, and more often than not, can offer a cheap alternative for existing industrial problems. Over the years we have developed and manufactured many innovative and groundbreaking inflatables which have helped solving problems that clients from different industries have encountered. Our technical engineers are open to new ideas, and are happy to help you find an innovative inflatable solution for your specific problem. Do not hesitate to contact us, and to discuss you ideas, we are happy to help. Discretion guaranteed!

Inflatable tents:

Inflatable tents, domes, covers and (temporary) buildings in several models, shapes and sizes. Being an inflatable igloo or a massive inflatable structure, these types of items are ideal for use at events, trade shows, music events, festivals or any other leisure activity. We can manufacture these inflatables in any shape and color, and of course your logo or brand name can be printed on every part of the inflatable.

Safety boarding:

These inflatable barriers provide safety to the ones using the indoor ski-slope. The different types of boarding are being made especially to the wishes and desires of the client, a major indoor ski- and snowboard venue in Europe.

Inflatable car wash pad:

Inflatable liquid tight floors offer a practical and easy solution for the contamination of liquids, fluids and especially wastewater. Due to environmental legislation and regulations it is now prohibited to let wastewater reach the groundwater in most European countries. Because this wash pad has inflatable sides, a car or other vehicle can easily drive on or of the pad with damaging the pad. There are countless possibilities for these types of products, but they are especially useful for the car washing centers and other automotive companies, who produce lots of wastewater or other liquids that are not allowed to sink into the ground.

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