Promotional inflatables and advertising inflatables. Up to 50 Meters!

Inflatable product replica’s & giant mascots are a spectacular and effective way to get your product or brand out there, and to make sure that it will be embraced by the public!  Whether you want to use a giant inflatable product replica or giant inflatable mascot located on the roof of a tall building, or in a crowded shopping street, the full attention of the audience is guaranteed. Giant inflatable product replica’s and mascots are mobile, quick to set up and easy to transport. These types of inflatables are ideal for ‘pop up’ actions, guerilla marketing stunts, product launches, sales actions or sample distribution.

To convert your mascot or product into a successful inflatable we normally need nothing more than just a picture or drawing explaining your intentions.

We are happy to assist you in creating a giant product replica or your giant inflatable mascot.

Please contact one of our experienced staff members for a quotation or a free 3D design! Or even better: Our new software enables you to make custom advertising inflatables in any color and with your branding. It will take less than 2 minutes and you don’t even have to pick up the phone. Just click HERE to check it out!

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